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“Tribe, is the brainchild of Sherry Rhine-Padilla, an industry specialist who brings more than two decades of experience to the company. Tribe specializes in creating nurturing relationships with their talent to help them grow as industry professionals.” –  Boaz Eapen

Talent Management and Development

Tribe Talent Management helps new and experienced models and actors in all aspects of building a career. We specialize in the development and placement of both modeling and acting through our extensive network of modeling agencies, agents. and managers worldwide.

You may be a working model/actor or just getting started. Our Tribe of professional photographers, makeup artists, stylists and coaches can provide you with the guidance you need in the competitive world of modeling and acting.

It is our goal to establish a working relationship with our talent and provide them with the skills and proper marketing materials required in the industry. Through the Tribe Network of industry professionals, you will obtain everything needed to make a lasting impression with Agents, Managers and Casting Directors.

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Open Call Monday 1/11/2021 @ 7 PM CST We will conduct Open Call on line with a live video conferencing until further notice.

RSVP Required Text RSVP to 615-669-6994

What others say about us

Tribe has continues further my career by providing great opportunities to a better future.  They give us direct attention  to succeed in our endeavors and always makes sure that we  feel comfortable, confident, and strong when walking into any audition. Its truly a blessing to be with Tribe Talent Management!  The  support that you get from this agency is incredible… It’s like having a best friend that always encourage and mold you to be better. Thank you so much Tribe Talent Management… I’m very grateful, happy, and excited to be part of such a dynamic agency!

There are many things we enjoy about being a part of Tribe – the instruction, the resume-building opportunities and the networking. But what we appreciate the most is the individual attention Sherry consistently gives Taylor. From styling photo shoots and pulling clothes to printing marketing pieces and spending one-on-one time getting to know Taylor as a person, Sherry makes us feel like Taylor is much more than just a face on Tribe’s website. As a result, Taylor feels valued and this value shows in her growth and confidence each day.

Sherry Rhine-Padilla has nurtured Tribe with heart from the start. If you’re lucky enough to join Tribe then I know that we’ll be lucky to have you because you’ll never meet a better team, and it truly is a team. Everyone supports each other.

I cant find enough words to express the high regards I have for Sherry Rhine Padilla. I have worked with her for many years and she never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge of the business, her work ethic and also her unwavering faith for the talent she represents in the modeling and acting business. Sherry is undeniably the hardest working woman I’ve ever met, never resting until her goals are complete. I think of Sherry like a precious gem, she’s a rare find in what may seem like a the cold world of entertainment. Her warm heart for her talent along with her business knowledge, optimism and hard work is the perfect combination for her success, making her accolades very well deserved!! If you ever get to be so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a dedicated person, then you will be on the right track to understanding the industry while giving your dreams the opportunity to thrive.