How to Self Tape an Audition


Michael Maples can be hired to professionally record and upload audition videos for approximately $100. However, if you want to do it on your own, here are the basics.


Have the following:

  • cell phone (iPhone is common) with available storage
  • light source
  • tripod w/ iPhone holder
  • table to put your tripod on (only if the tripod is too short to frame the subject in the center of the camera screen)
  • reader person (if auditioning with a script)


Then do this:

  • clean your iPhone camera lens
  • compose your shot in “video” mode and not “photo” mode
  • use horizontal format
  • make a tight shot (from chest up)
  • center model using the iPhone screen clock
  • for the “slate” [“I am Jane Smith with Tribe Talent Management. I am auditioning for …”] and commercial auditions, look directly in to the camera
  • for a monologue and scene audition, look above or to the side of the camera
  • share videos in MP4 format only
  • upload videos to Sherry Rhine-Padilla’s Dropbox
  • text Sherry that you saved your audition in her Dropbox
  • if you use YouTube, be sure to download the video as “unlisted” and share the YouTube link in email (not social media) so there can be a conversation about your video