Modeling Agency for Children

Are we a modeling agency for children?

Tribe Talent management is committed to helping our children in every aspect of the modeling and acting industry. We help develop the skills and marketing materials necessary to be in the industry. We provide a safe and loving environment. Modeling and acting can help develop a child’s personal growth, memorization skills, communication skills, poise, confidence and self-esteem.

We believe when a child has these attributes they will grow into a more healthy adult and making better life decisions. We provide a family environment where our talent often can be seen going to the movies together, ball park, skating, and so much more. Our talent feels connected to each other and they support one another. Because that’s what families do!

What people are saying, our Testimonials!

“Eva Marie has grown in her skills and abilities. She is becoming more comfortable in front of people as she auditions and photographs. You have made work fun for her. Tribe make us feel loved, important and cared about.” Teisa Briggs

“I would not have imagined that little McKennah would be here today.  When we walked into the first audition with Tribe, she was so shy.  Only 6 months later she is on stage in front of hundreds of people not missing a beat!  Words cannot express how proud I am of her!!  This growth could not have happened without you and your belief in her.  Thank you!! Love you! “ The Affonsos